World-class road course and garages

Ownership of 1,300 plus acre ranch

Country Club pleasures including a clubhouse, pool and fine dining

Conservation easement to protect Racers Ranch

Secure gated access to property

Fitness center

Equestrian center with stables, tack room and grooming facilities

Horseback riding and walking trails

Kart track

Gun club

The look. The feel. The heart-pounding anticipation.
There is not another course in the Southwest that will compare to the 4 mile road racing course at Racers Ranch. Created by world-renowned designer Alan Wilson of Wilson Motorsports, the road course at Racers Ranch will have many of the same exciting features as his other road courses in New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois.

Accelerating through the wide open design, challenging corners and precise braking areas, you will immediately feel the indescribable thrill of close racing. The level and smooth run off areas, free of concrete or steel barriers, provide you the safety to drive with confidence as you push your competitors’ abilities to the limit as well as your own.

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